The Other Way to Recycle

Recycling is a pretty simple proposition. When we use something, we can throw it away, and there it will rot for a long, long time. Probably leaching some crappy stuff too. Or… We can use things, then recycle them. We can make purchases based upon the lifecycle of the thing. We can make decisions based upon a longer-term worldview that incorporates a belief that we should always leave things better than we found them, just like they taught us in kindergarten.

The next step is easy too. Buy things made from recycled or upcycled materials. There has to be a market for the recycled materials or there’s no sense throwing them in that yellow or blue bin. It’s ultimately a resource stream, and it has to flow somewhere.

Don’t worry. It’s flowing right here. We’re not 100% recycled yet, but we will be. One day people will wonder why products don’t say 100% post-consumer materials on them. We’re wondering it already—and cranking hard to ride ahead of the pack.