U.S. Made

It’s true: 99% of bikes sold in the U.S. are made somewhere else. Not ours.

Let’s be honest with each other—Buying domestically is a complex issue. It is. We want to know that the goods and services we use help our neighbors keep working. We want to know that products are made with fair labor practices and environmental oversight.

But the ones made there are soooo cheap.

True. Very true. And there’s no easy answer on what to do. So here’s our deal: We’ll make bicycles with integrity no matter where they come from, so you can feel good about making a complex decision. All of our frames are currently handmade in Portland, Ore. As far as the rest, we’ve given you two options with our first line. One set has components made almost entirely by U.S. companies and all the major components physically made here as well. The second option is less U.S.-centric, but no less of an excellent choice. Because, in the end, the health we care most about is yours and the earth’s. From that place, we can all bring a little fresh air to everything we do, and feel damn good about it. Especially while we ride.